Meat & Shochu Tourism Participating Establishments

Meat & Shochu Tourism Participating Establishments

A large number of excellent restaurants and bars in Miyakonojo
—the home of meat and shochu
Find your ultimate Miyakonojo experience from this great list
of places in the home of meat and shochu.
*See the map on the left when selecting the area.

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Furusato Cuisine Hanayurari

Serving customers of all ages with a wide selection of dishes, from a la carte to set meals.

Yakiniku Fukujuen

Large groups (up to 60) accepted. All-you-can-drink courses are available.

Carte Blanche

A couple-owned restaurant offering a relaxing dining experience.

Miyako Cannon Restaurant

Offering an original menu at the Jiba Sangyo (Local Industry) Center

Hayamizu Cannon Restaurant

Offering an original menu at the Hayamizu Park Sports and Culture Center

Fukumoto Yoshokuten

A restaurant that offers comfortable and pleasant dining experience for all ages

Yottaya Tohoku Branch

A newly established branch of Yottaya, a local family restaurant chain with an around 20-year history

Chinese Restaurant Seiran

Pleasant Chinese cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere

Korean Restaurant Aburiya

Reasonably priced Korean barbeque style Miyazaki Beef

Miyakonojo Yakinikuto

Offering single-sourced heifer Miyazaki Beef

Charcoal Grill Memaru

Offering the freshest cuts of locally raised Kirishima Chicken and flavorsome oden

Sakura Cannon Restaurant

Offering a variety of set menus with food prepared from the freshest local ingredients

Karamen-ya Akashi

Karamen—An exquisite combination of ramen noodles with a super spicy sauce, loved by generations of fans

Aoidake-so Restaurant Garaku

Don’t miss their tasty Chicken Namban with a special homemade tartar sauce.

ATOM de Cannon Restaurant

Offering a wide variety of dishes at JA ATOM


Bistro with a more than 30-year history

Restaurant Ryu

Delicious Chicken Namban made from the freshest chicken topped with a sensational homemade tartar sauce

Jirajira Nangokke

A fresh, whole locally-raised chicken from Miyakonojo served on a single plate


Relax and enjoy a meticulously prepared evening meal


An izakaya-style restaurant of around 30 years standing, serving the local favorite Basil Nabe


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