Local experiences

Local experiences

HOMELocal experiences
Local experience programs offering fun hands-on opportunities
to learn more about the life of local people
Join the locals of Miyakonojo for some fun and unforgettable experiences.
*The following programs are available as part of the Meat Tourism tours.
For further information, please make inquiries with a travel agent.
*See the map on the left when selecting the area.

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Kirishima Shuzo Factory & Tasting Tour

A tour of a sweet potato shochu factory, including a tasting

Cooking lesson using ingredients from Miyakonojo, with lunch at a traditional Japanese house

Have fun cooking different dishes, such as galette made from soba produced in the Shonai region and a traditional local dish “gane”

A stargazing program to introduce you to the best starry sky in Japan

Meet the passionate staff with an extensive knowledge of astronomy!

Sausage, Butter and Ice-cream Making

Release your creativity at Takachiho Farm with the Kirishima Mountains as a backdrop

Horse-riding in Kirishima

Offering courses for beginner to advanced riders

Shochu-Making Experience

Grasp the rare opportunity to make shochu in a truly historic distillery established in 1909.

Geopark Hiking

The geopark in Miyakonojo is a showcase of ancient volcanic activity from 340,000 years ago.

Miyakonojo Tea Making with Kirishima Rekkasui Water

Enjoy a relaxing tea time with delicious Miyakonojo Tea and sweets while learning about the secret of the local groundwater.

Tea Blending Experience

Create your own blend in Miyakonojo, a place associated with tea production for over 250 years


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