Meat & Shochu Tourism Participating Establishments

Meat & Shochu Tourism Participating Establishments

A large number of excellent restaurants and bars in Miyakonojo
—the home of meat and shochu
Find your ultimate Miyakonojo experience from this great list
of places in the home of meat and shochu.
*See the map on the left when selecting the area.

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Fukumoto Yoshokuten

A restaurant that offers comfortable and pleasant dining experience for all ages

Yottaya Tohoku Branch

A newly established branch of Yottaya, a local family restaurant chain with an around 20-year history

Korean Restaurant Aburiya

Reasonably priced Korean barbeque style Miyazaki Beef

Miyakonojo Yakinikuto

Offering single-sourced heifer Miyazaki Beef


Relax and enjoy a meticulously prepared evening meal


An izakaya-style restaurant of around 30 years standing, serving the local favorite Basil Nabe

Hotel Nakayama-so

The signature restaurant in a hotel established in 1952

Wine Bar Claret

Homemade three-month-cured prosciutto, made from Miyakonojo Pork and special salt

Yakiniku Ariman

A yakiniku restaurant popular with the locals for around 40 years

Sengoku Yakitori Yottaya Main Branch

Huge choice of yakitori at a local’s favorite


Different sauces to complement the taste of yakiniku

Food Gallery Sorasora

A casual, and relaxing atmosphere in a traditional-style house

Tokiwa-so Annex Kirishimazu

Restaurant in the Annex of Tokiwa-so Inn, established in 1961

Seasonal Meals and Hot Baths – Tokiwa-so

Top-quality service and hospitality in the Tokiwa-so style

Kirinokura Brewery

Kirishima Shuzo’s restaurant, popular with customers from both inside and outside the prefecture

Blanc de Chateau Chez ken

A well-kept secret that is attracting many new fans with its creative dishes

Aburiya Katsumi

Serving up fine food since 1983

Ohashidokoro Kitamoro

Original beef hitsumabushi

Machiya Cafe Mochinaga-tei

Healthy dishes offered in a historic Meiji period building

Charcoal Grill Isokawa

Enhancing the taste of ingredients with simple seasoning, such as rock salt and salt koji


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