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The ultimate experience in taste
and fine cuisine featuring premium meat and shochu
The Grand Menu is a generic term for courses that feature the local meat and shochu offered
in restaurants in Miyakonojo City. Each course is designed to showcase the freshest, seasonal local products,
with Miyazaki Beef from Miyakonojo as the centerpiece. The restaurants participating
in this Grand Menu program will be sure to offer an unforgettable prestigious dining experience.
Located in a top-notch location with magnificent views of Mt. Kirishima, this restaurant offers authentic Japanese tastes in a traditional hotel in a rural setting.
The Grand Menu offered in this restaurant includes seasonal fresh vegetable dishes, succulent sukiyaki using Miyakonojo’s own Miyazaki Beef, as well as rice produced from its own rice paddies. Enjoy exquisite tastes and top-quality service and hospitality in a well-established Tokiwa-so style.
Sukiyaki Course Meal with Miyakonojo’s Miyazaki Beef
From 11,000 (tax included)
Course content example: starter, vinegared dish, sukiyaki, rice, soup, palate cleanser, dessert, homemade cake, and shochu served before and during the meal *Course content may vary depending on the season and the availability of ingredients. *Please contact the restaurant for further details.


  • Tokiwa-so Annex Kirishimazu
Telephone 0986-64-3876
Address 2455-2 Nakagirishima, Yamada-cho, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki
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Opening hours 11:00–15:00 (L.O. 14:30) 17:00–21:30 (L.O. 20:30)
Closed days Tuesdays (When a Tuesday is a national holiday, it may be open and closed on another day.)
Parking Available (20 cars)
Website http://www.tokiwaso-kirishima.com
Number of seats 48
Remarks Private rooms and tatami-style seating available, children welcome


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