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Meat Tourism

Q.What is Meat Tourism?

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  • Meat Tourism is a campaign to promote Miyakonojo City, the top meat and shochu producer in Japan. It offers visitors opportunities to “meet” the best of its “meat” and shochu, and experience the excellent tastes of the city.

Q.How can I sign up for a tour?

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  • Meat Tourism tours are available for groups of five or more people, and range from a short experience program to over-night tours which include a Grand Menu meal. To sign up, please make inquiries with one of the travel agents listed in the “Travel Agents” page or read the information in the “NEWS” section on the home page of this website.

Grand Menu

Q.What is the Grand Menu?

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  • The Grand Menu is a generic term for courses that feature the local meat and shochu offered in restaurants in Miyakonojo City. Each course is designed to showcase the fresh, seasonal local products with Miyazaki Beef from Miyakonojo as the centerpiece. The restaurants participating in this Grand Menu program will be sure to offer an unforgettable prestigious dining experience.

Q.Can I make a reservation for a Grand Menu without joining a tour?

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  • Yes, you can. Please make a reservation at the restaurant of your choice at least one week in advance.

Local Experience

Q.How can I sign up for a program?

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  • The local experience programs listed on this website are offered as part of the Meat Tourism tours for groups of five or more people. You need to sign up for a tour in order to participate in a program.


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