HOMELocal experiencesA stargazing program to introduce you to the best starry sky in Japan

A stargazing program to introduce you to the best starry sky in Japan

Meet the passionate staff with an extensive knowledge of astronomy!
Takazaki Town has been selected seven times as the best place in Japan to witness an amazing starlit sky. The observatory here offers a variety of activities for the stargazer, including a photo-taking session of the moon with a smartphone, an astronomy class on how to best observe stars, and a telescope-making workshop.
Time offered All year round
Time required 1 hour for each program: moon photo-taking, astronomy class, and telescope-making workshop
Acceptable number of people 30
Venue Tachibana Observatory
Address 1461-22 Omuta, Takazaki-cho, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki
Website http://www.laspa-takazaki.jp/tenmondai/tachibana-tenmondai-index.html


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